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Pre-Requisites: NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter II or equivalent. Copies of Pre-Requisites must be uploaded/attached as part of the application process.

The Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) course is designed for fire departments, both civilian and military, whose primary mission is aircraft fire and rescue. This course meets the training requirements of both NFPA 1003 and the Canadian Aviation Regulations 323.14.
This course will enhance the student’s knowledge and prepare them for incidents involving airports and aircraft. Students will begin their studies by covering the following topics: airport familiarization, communications, pre-emergency planning and aircraft familiarization. Furthering their studies, students will be led through: fire behaviour specific to airports and aircraft, characteristics of aviation fuels, strategy and tactics, rescue and post-incident operations. To complete the theoretical portion of this course, students will learn about ARFF vehicles and their use; topics include: extinguishing agents, use of foam equipment and application methods, flow rates and reach of streams, water and extinguishing agent supply and replenishing apparatus.
The schedule for this course is divided 50/50 in regards to theory and practical components. Students will have ample opportunity to be a part of a team to extinguish wheel/brake, engine, cabin and fuel spill fires, including 3-D fires through the use of hand lines. Students will also extinguish fires utilizing ARFF vehicles, including a 456 m2 (5,000 ft2) fire.

The purpose of this course is to specify, in terms of performance objectives, the minimum requirements for professional service as an Airport Fire Fighter. This course shall cover the requirements for Airport Fire Fighter.

Course Duration: 10 days

Course Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fee: Payment must be made when registering for courses. We reserve the right to cancel seven days prior to any course in which the minimum registration is not achieved.

Note: Firefighting Bunker Gear is included in the course costing. Students may bring their own gear.
A practical outdoor exercise will be performed as part of this course, please dress according to climatic conditions.

Price: $2,632.77

Available Classes

Class Scheduled Dates Registration Deadline
NFPA 1003 Airport Firefighter Professional 03-Jun-2019 - 14-Jun-2019
(8 am - 4 pm)
27-May-2019 16 Remaining


"FESTI’s facilities rank with the best. The outdoor training structures take you through your paces and prepare you for real-life scenarios." The professional manner of the staff at FESTI is immediately evident and because of our long standing relationship, we are able to speak with them on a personal level, as well as a professional one. We are friends as well as compatriots and clients, which has encouraged our confidence in FESTI. Once a training course has been completed at FESTI, we conduct an assessment about the condition on which the courses are delivered, the accommodations and how our people are treated. I am pleased to report that we have never had a negative assessment and that in itself assures me that our choice of FESTI is correct. In my estimation, FESTI ranks with the best. It meets our current needs and objectives and we anticipate those needs to expand considerably in the future. FESTI is working with us to develop new ideas and new proposals, and to match our training schedule needs. It is a great cooperative effort. I have recommended FESTI to other fire departments and I would recommend them to anyone for the calibre of training provided. Additionally, I have spoken on their behalf at conferences because I believe they have programs worth investigating and adopting. FESTI has worked with us to develop a quality program of training and the exchange of information has been excellent. It is a testament to the members of the FESTI team of dedicated and motivated instructors that we have been able to assure quality ARFF services that meet or exceed the requirements for the travelling public that visit our shores.

Gary Renaud, Senior Airport Fire Officer with the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Services, L.F. Wade International Airport, Bermuda. -

"I would recommend FESTI to others in my industry. Training at FESTI not only aids in the career development of our firefighters, but also in their personal growth." As a result of the Bermuda Government’s initiative to amalgamate the fire services in the island, I took the opportunity to visit FESTI in April 2007, where I was very warmly welcomed. The facility at FESTI is first class, so much so, that we have decided to work with the principals at FESTI to ensure that all Bermudian fire fighters train through the facility which we deem is second to none. We found FESTI personnel to be very professional and accommodating. Our hope is to establish a long-standing partnership and to develop an exchange program for personnel between Toronto and Bermuda. We see this as a great development tool for our personnel that will enable them to study operations at a very busy airport. In exchange, FESTI personnel will have the opportunity to come to Bermuda and see the unique challenges of how an Island Fire Service operates at a Category 9 airport. I certainly would recommend FESTI to others in the industry. I tell my colleagues in the Caribbean that we found the facility to be of good value and would recommend that they train their personnel at FESTI as well.

Vincent Hollinsid, Fire Chief Officer of the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service -

"I have visited other facilities and FESTI is one of the best in North America - it’s top notch. FESTI worked with me to develop a course plan built around my group’s specific needs." I’m the Deputy Fire Chief for an oil sands company and our major response is medical and fire in a process plant. What brought us to FESTI is that our company built a runway and now we are involved in aircraft firefighting. A group of my guys had never taken any aircraft firefighting courses, so I worked with FESTI to develop a course plan built around my specific needs. They were flexible and provided training at both FESTI and Albian. I’ve visited facilities in the United States and in Canada and believe FESTI is one of the best facilities in North America. I live in Alberta and it’s more cost effective for me to send guys to Toronto than it is to send them to a site in my own province to do the same training. Quality instruction is the first thing I look at. My people have told me that FESTI instructors are clear, concise and really know their topics. The second thing is the facility; FESTI is a top notch facility that is brand new and environmentally friendly. Last but not least are the vehicles - these guys train in some of the best. If there's an issue, they have lots of vehicles as back up. We will continue to send guys to FESTI. It’s a top notch facility, professionally run, with access to lots of equipment, provided in an environmentally responsible facility. All of these benefits gave us the best bang for our buck.

Derrick Manning, Deputy Fire Chief - Albian Oil Sands -

"The instructors were highly qualified, and after this training, I can confidently say I am prepared for the unexpected." First impressions count the most and when I toured FESTI it was obvious to me that the people working there had a lot of experience and respected each other, the facility, the service and most importantly the students. A brand new facility is always very appealing and the course content was very pertinent to what we were looking for. From a personal perspective, my father has been in the fire service for 40 years, and I told him that this was the best training I’ve taken, and the most fun. Driving the big crash trucks is something entirely new and exciting. The instructors are very personable, and we were serious when we needed to be serious, yet we had a lot of good laughs and a lot of good fun, in a very safe working environment. FESTI offers quality training in a very safe environment. Not only have I retained the method of doing things, the training at FESTI has allowed me to become more versatile and has expanded my career opportunities. Overall, I was very impressed with the training that FESTI provided.

Christian Lamoureux, Captain Emergency Services Coordinator - Albian Oil Sands (Took the 1003 course and driver course at FESTI) -

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