Currently employed as an Airport Firefighter. 

Each trainee is given 2 (two) practice runs with a certified Fire Service Instructor, where instruction on approach, positioning and agent application is given. After each training run a debriefing is conducted with the class as a whole, ensuring that each student receives the same instruction. Once the trainee is comfortable with the vehicle, the actual Recertification run is performed. Each trainee is evaluated I.A.W. our Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 323.14 Compliant Recertification checklist, and the results are explained after the run. Every scenario including the practice scenarios are treated as a "Response". Simulations are based on runways and aircraft commonly encountered at the trainee’s home airport. Training scenarios are tailored to the customer’s needs. FESTI's Recertification Course meets or exceeds all aspects of the CARs 323.14 (4) Recurrent Training requirements for firefighters.

Except for sub-paragraph 323.14(2) (a) (xi) respecting live-fire training, every firefighter must complete training in each element of the standards listed in section 323.14 at least once every three years.

Course Duration: 1 day - Lunch included

Course Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fee: Payment must be made when registering for courses. We reserve the right to cancel seven days prior to any course in which the minimum registration is not achieved.

Student must bring: A practical outdoor exercise will be performed as part of this course, please dress according to weather. CSA approved footwear must be supplied and worn by the student while completing practical exercises.



Please inquire for course availability.

One day recertifications are booked on the second day of a two-day recertification.

Price: $1,170.33

Available Classes

Class Scheduled Dates Registration Deadline
ARFF Recertification 1 Days 14-Sep-2018 - 14-Sep-2018
(8AM - 4PM)
07-Sep-2018 12 Remaining Register Now
ARFF Recertification 1 Days 21-Sep-2018 - 21-Sep-2018
(8AM - 4PM)
14-Sep-2018 16 Remaining Register Now
ARFF Recertification 1 Days 10-Oct-2018 - 10-Oct-2018
(8AM - 4PM)
03-Oct-2018 15 Remaining Register Now
ARFF Recertification 1 Days 16-Oct-2018 - 16-Oct-2018
(8AM - 4PM)
09-Oct-2018 16 Remaining Register Now

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