Pre-Requisites:  n/a.

The purpose of this course is to specify, in terms of performance objectives, the minimum requirements for Fire and Explosion Investigator.

The course content is presented in a 32 hour, 4 day lecture environment, followed by a 1 day practical fire investigation that will be performed in a state of the art training facility, for those participants looking to certify, re-certify or upgrade their investigative knowledge in the fire investigative field.

Who Should Attend? :
Fire department personnel, Forensic Identification Personnel, Explosive Disposal Personnel, Insurance Adjusters, Provincial Fire Investigators, and CIB Detectives.

This course shall cover the requirements as stipulated in NFPA 921 and includes:

  • The legal requirements to conduct a scene examination.
  • Understanding the basic principles of combustion.
  • The scientific method.
  • Burn pattern analysis.
  • The processes for collecting physical evidence.
  • Cause determination.
  • Explosion investigations.
  • Vehicle fire investigations.

The process examined in NFPA 921 is the theoretical component, which will be implemented and applied by the participant when he/she investigates a fire scene. In teams, participants will attend a fire scene, document, examine, sift, reconstruct, and determine the cause of a fire scenario. Each team will present the cause of the fire scene investigation to their peers at the conclusion of the burn scenarios.

Course Includes:

  • Lunch daily.
  • Practical investigation experience.
  • Training in a state-of-the-art classroom.
  • Reduced hotel rates.
  • Central training location.
  • Exam.


Each participant, upon successful completion of the program will have the opportunity to write an examination; from the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI) a USA based professional Organization. Upon successful completion of the exam as determined by NAFI, each participant will receive a certificate confirming that they have completed the theory portion of "A Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI)." This examination is both optional and recommended only if the participant can receive the practical scene time required for this certification. Each student wishing to write the examination must complete the exam application and send the original signed copy to FESTI  at least 6 weeks prior to attending the program. The exam application fee is part of the Application which is forwarded directly to FESTI. The exam cost is $125.00 USD.

Please note: all exam applicants must be NAFI members and must include your NAFI membership number on the application.

An NFPA 921 student manual will be provided for use during the training. If the student wishes to purchase this publication for their own use it will be made available for $108.00. Instructor’s notes will be provided as a handout.

Course Duration: 5 days

Course Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fee: Payment must be made when registering for courses. We reserve the right to cancel seven days prior to any course in which the minimum registration is not achieved.

Students to bring: CSA steel toed boots Change of clothes for practical training session, Lap top computer, coveralls or turn out gear is preferred. Digital camera and USB card.

For the March 18, 2019 course (January 28, 2019 is the cut-off for NAFI Application Packages)  

For the May 27, 2019 course (April 8, 2019 is the cut-off for NAFI Application Packages) 

For the September 9, 2019 course (July 22, 2019 is the cut-off for NAFI Application Packages)

For the November 18, 2019 course (September 30, 2019 is the cut-off for NAFI Application Packages)

Price: $1,482.93

Available Classes

Class Scheduled Dates Registration Deadline
NFPA 921 Certified Fire and Explosive Investigator 18-Mar-2019 - 22-Mar-2019
(8am - 4pm)
11-Mar-2019 8 Remaining Register Now
NFPA 921 Certified Fire and Explosive Investigator 27-May-2019 - 31-May-2019
(8am - 4 PM)
20-May-2019 13 Remaining Register Now
NFPA 921 Certified Fire and Explosive Investigator 09-Sep-2019 - 13-Sep-2019
(8am - 4 PM)
02-Sep-2019 19 Remaining Register Now
NFPA 921 Certified Fire and Explosive Investigator 18-Nov-2019 - 22-Nov-2019
(8am - 4 PM)
11-Nov-2019 20 Remaining Register Now

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