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Basic Forcible Entry Description:
Until recently, heavily fortified doors requiring an extensive forcible entry operation were limited to larger cities or select suburbs. As inner-city areas “re-gentrify” or “clean-up”, statistics show that crime is being driven to the suburbs and outlying areas. In those suburbs, security-conscious residents are now securing their homes using methods that some departments deem new or unfamiliar. Major advancements have been made in locks and locking devices making even simple forcible entry operations more challenging.

The days of “kicking down doors” are over. Kicking a door is not only unprofessional, if continued it will certainly result in increasing medical leave, which translates to further staffing issues for your department. Forcible entry when performed by a trained member or team can mean the difference between a quick knock-down or complete loss. Utilizing attributes such as knowledge, skill and correct technique instead of simply brute strength will allow passage through today’s forcible entry problems.

Allow Brotherhood Instructors, LLC to share our “street-smart” approach to professional forcible entry. This Basic Forcible Entry course will cover all of the following topics in depth.
•Conventional Forcible Entry
•Through the Lock
•Saw Operations
•Hinge Side of the Door
•Size Up

Don’t wait until 3am with a report of people trapped to hone your techniques with the Irons.

Advanced Forcible Entry Description:

This brand new Brotherhood Instructors, LLC course is the successor of our extremely popular Beyond the Academy: Forcible Entry Operations course. In this course members will perform Conventional Forcible Entry on inward opening doors with angle-iron, inward opening doors in zero-visibility and in confined spaces, such as the bottom of a basement stair or tight hallway, and practice the baseball bat swing for inward opening doors. Additional conventional forcible entry rotations include four different methods of defeating slide-bolts, defeating carriage bolts and forcing an outward opening door with a shield-guard (covering the gap). Power saw rotations include multiple cuts on window bar props with inboard & outboard saw configurations, gapping and cutting dead-bolts, cutting carriage bolts and foot-bolts, and various methods of roll-down gates and garage doors. Other rotations will include cutting torch operations, utilizing a hydraulic forcible entry tool on inward opening doors, and conventional forcible entry on other high-security devices such as Fox Locks & Police Locks. As always, all props were originated and designed by our instructors for maximum realism, allowing ALL MEMBERS to perform ALL ROTATIONS!

Who should attend:

Any firefighter or fire officer that may be assigned to force entry into a building on the fire ground.


Students will learn the “art” of forcible entry by some of the most respected instructors in the industry, this extremely hands on class is designed to maximize student’s exposure to realistic training props and proven techniques.

Course Duration: 1 or 2 day Course Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. – Lunch Included

FEE: Payment must be made when registering for courses, we reserve the right to cancel seven days prior to any course in which the minimum registration is not achieved.

Student must bring: Safety gloves, safety glasses, NFPA compliant Bunker Gear, hearing protection, and safety shoes..



Please inquire for course availability.


Price: $437.75

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