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At the provincial and territorial level, the government department in charge of the OHSA is typically titled the Ministry or Department of Labor, though in a few jurisdictions the topic of occupational health and safety is under the care of a workers’ compensation board. In either case, each provincial or territorial department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of its Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

The Ontario Health and Safety Act sets the standard for health and safety in the workplace, aiming to protect against accidents, injuries and illnesses. In addition to describing these regulations, it also outlines the various consequences of not corresponding with said regulations and lays out the responsibilities of employers, supervisors and employees. According to the occupational health and safety policy, it is the employer’s duty to do all he or she can to protect his or her work environment, typically including the following responsibilities: training workers accordingly for handling potentially dangerous equipment and/or material; keeping employees informed of any and all potential dangers in their work environment; and arranging for safe work practices. According to the legislation, employees have the right to refuse unsafe work.

FESTI provides numerous resources for Businesses and Corporations or individuals that are geared to meet business and government requirements. Primarily targeted for small to medium sized businesses and Airports, this Safety and Health Consultation Program is completely separate from the OSHA inspection effort.

The service is delivered by well-trained professional staff. Most consultations take place on-site, though limited services away from the worksite are available. Employers can find out about potential hazards at their worksites, improve their occupational injury and illness prevention programs.

The FESTI Onsite Inspection Team will make recommendations, and assist with the development of required documentation, training, and records management, to help companies achieve their Training, Operation and Occupational Health and Safety targets.

It's confidential, too. Your name, your firm's name, and any information you provide about your workplace, plus any unsafe or unhealthful working conditions that the consultant uncovers, will not be reported routinely to the OSHA inspection staff. Your only obligation will be to correct serious job safety and health hazards -- a commitment which you are expected to make prior to the actual visit and carry out in a timely manner.

FESTI will be there from start to finish, our dedicated and professional training staff will design programs that meet your individual requirements, from Building Fire Safety Plans, Evacuation plans and drills, Portable Fire Extinguisher, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems, CPR and First Aid, Confined Space, Hazardous Materials Awareness, all training and record keeping is provided at our facility.

Benefits to Your Workforce
An effective workplace injury and illness prevention program at your worksite(s) will enable you to:

•Recognize and remove hazards from your workplace.
•Protect your workers from injury and illness.
•Prevent loss of life at your worksite.
•Cultivate informed and alert employees who take responsibility for their own and their coworkers' safety and for worksite safety as a whole.
•Improve employee morale.

Benefits to Your Managers
An increased understanding of workplace hazards and remedies will put your managers in a better position to:

•Comply with federal and provincial safety and health requirements.
•Become more effective at their jobs. Management experts believe that a company with a well-managed injury and illness prevention program enjoys better overall management.
•Increase productivity rates and assure product quality.

Benefits to Your Business as a Whole
An exemplary workplace injury and illness prevention program is "good business sense" that also makes financial sense because it will allow you to:

•Learn first-hand that the cost of accident prevention is far lower than the cost of accidents.
•Improve the bottom line by:
•Lowering injury and illness rates.
•Decreasing workers' compensation costs.
•Reducing lost workdays.

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