Respectful and Positive Conflict Resolution.

Conflict comes from differences in values, motivation, perspective, needs, and a variety of other personal reasons. Instead of reacting on an emotional level, learn to manage conflict in a way that is proactive and positive. Learn how to put some distance between you immediate reaction and emotions to see the situation for what it is.
Course material is presented in a series of lectures, discussions, case studies, and group exercises.

Focus on the following competencies:
• Preventing, managing and/or resolving conflict
• Finding agreement on issues and following through on implementation
• Using appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to reduce tension or conflict between two or more people or groups
• Dealing effectively with others in an environment of trust

What You'll Learn
• How to analyze conflict
• Your own conflict patterns
• Improve your listening and communication skills
• How to read conflicts by developing a conflict map
• Effective methods of intervention and conflict management

Course Outline

1. Developing Conflict Awareness
• Conflict vs. Disagreement
• How Conflict Starts

2. Responding to Conflict
• Appropriate Assertiveness
• Creative Responses to Conflict
• Attacking the Problem not the People

3. Conflict Management Strategies
• The Win/Win Approach
• Empathy
• Listening Skills

4. Mapping the Conflict
• Defining the Issues
• How to Clarify
• Needs and Fears
• Determine Common Ground in a Conflict
• Generate and Implement Goal-Oriented Alternatives

5. Trust in Minimizing Conflict
• How Trust is Lost and How It’s Re-established
• Developing Win-Win Solutions: Interests vs. Positions

6. Dealing with Difficult Behavior
• Handling Passive and Aggressive Behaviors
• Willingness to Resolve
• Managing Emotions

7. Self-Awareness
• Role-play

6. Conclusion
• Key Learning and Application Discussion

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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